Art by Starryangel

Author Notes:

     You see before you the Ash Dragon, one of the most feared creatures in Alyria. His fiery red eyes send a cold chill down your spine, and his glare will stop your breath in a heartbeat. Red scales cover his body and seem to reflect all light like a magical crimson mirror. His long fangs are razor sharp, perfect for tearing through human flesh. His tail whips back violently, almost seeming to wait for someone to come near it so it may strike. You never thought fear could overcome you, until you met it face to face...
Ash Dragon
     Of course I love the Ash Dragon; he always wants blood! ^^ Drawn on a huge sketchpad, the scanning kind of sucked, so instead of inking it (I'm lazy), I slapped some filters on. The black is due to the fact that Ashy lives in a dark tower in a castle, with smoke clouding the corridor. The red is reminiscent of his scales and fire breathing. Oh, and blood, because you're probably dead if you see him! =P
     Unicorns prefer to live a solitary existence, and because of this are intolerant towards anyone who enters their territory. Black unicorns only live in the wilds and are seldom found by adventurers. The jet black mane flows freely over its neck as it kicks up on its hind legs, kicking its hooves into the air. It snorts in disgust as it lands on its four feet.
Black Unicorn
     Started drawing it...actually did the lower half of the body, but I despise it, so must redraw. Whilst I say I'm doing that and am really sitting around with Thassen, look at its head! Oooo, aaah! *grin*
     The Dragon of Many Colors has long been a concern to the citizens of Rune for its close proximity to the town. Fortunately, the dragon rarely leaves its cave, and only then to select a tasty morsel from the many packs of animals that roam the wilderness. This isn't to say, however, that the occasional adventurer does not try his or her hand at dispatching the dragon, but such attempts often end in a grisly defeat for the aggressor.
Chromatic Dragon
     I really do like this drawing. *hehe* Except for the wings and the tail; the wings because they aren't big enough and don't seem to be the right style, and the tail because the ink got laid on too thick. (I hate ink.) But I wuv her fangs. *pokies them*
     New shiny scales, and still-razor sharp teeth show this dragon to be a young one. He hisses malevolently at you, and it's obvious he intends to make you his meal. As he weaves his head side to side, you glance about the room to decide the quickest exit out. As you look about, you realize he's already eaten at least once today. Oh well, he is a growing dragon, and probably has quite the appetite. Hopefully, he has yet to develop his breath weapon. You should be so lucky.
Juvenile Water Dragon
     Yes, there is a dragon in Sigil, for all you silly people yelling "Is the juvvie water dragon in Vospire?" More of an acquiline, catty look for this one.
     Lady Saresyn stands about 5'9" in stature and is dressed in shimmering robes of an unknown gray fabric. She wears a sash about her waist that is crafted of fine platinum leaves, intertwined along a detailed vine of the same metal. Few have heard of the Lady, having spent her youth in the woods and forests near the towne of Xaventry, where she learned the druidical arts. Rumor has it she is being courted by Lord Agrippa, and she rarely leaves his side.
     Dunno...think ink kind of ruined her hair, but oh well. The scan of pencil wasn't showing up too well. Eyes aren't filled in and mouth isn't drawn because she's a ghost! Dead women tell no tales. =P (Special thank you to Vassago, for supplying her description.)
     With a suspicious glare, Sorfirre sizes you up. His cruel, ice-blue eyes slit and his dour frown deepens. Such a look is not attractive, but this holds particularly true for a creature such as he. A massive white dragon, his dull white scales reflect little, although he does seem to glow with a pale golden aura. He wears no golden rings or pearl necklaces, as greedy dragons are so apt to do, but wears only a simple silver ring in his snout, one end coming out each nostril.
     He's frowning, really, he is! I know it says he doesn't wear rings and such, but it didn't say anything about earrings! >.> (There's Daeron meat in them thar fangs. :3)
     Umm...random unis. No desc.
     I just felt like drawing unicorns; what can I say? Computer Science lectures are really boring. =P