High Priestess
Barbarian, Rogue, Shaman, Wizard

Name: Azurerain
Nickname: Az, Azzy, Lesbian Love Goddess
Age: 40 years old according to the counter...but I feel more like 11,128 hours old.
Favorite place to level: What's leveling? I've been 240 for 5 years.
Favorite mob to kill: OoOooo I love helping with Hunters, but I guess I do like to kill the Statue of Vandyne a lot.
Favorite questmaster: Undya
Do the yells in Sigil annoy you?: I rarely spend time in Sigil, but if it's anything like Rune yells then, hell yes.
Have you ever poked Zehn?: I only poke women.
If you had any kind of phobia, what would it be?: mobile children with flame throwers
What is/would be your favorite shift?: Nosferatu
What is your favorite funny quote?: Minos are always horny!
What is your favorite mount in the game?: Starryangel
Would you give money to a homeless man that you could tell was on coke, even if you knew that your money would go to aid his horrible addiction, continuing the never-ending cycle of pain and suffering and homeless men on coke and other horrendous illegal drugs in this terrible world? WOULD YOU?: I never give money away to people that need it.
What is your favorite thing about MM?: The friends I make and of course my clan.
Least favorite thing?: Rune yells!
Who is your favourite Imm?: I miss Sylvaer.
What is your best excuse for staying up late online instead of going to bed?: My cats got pissed I was on the computer so long they overtook my bed and so I have no where to sleep so I guess I'll just play more MM.