Paladin, Wizard, Rogue, Druid

Name: Chemisse
Nickname: Chemmie
Age: ageless
Favorite place to level: no more leveling for me! I am happy where I am.
Favorite mob to kill: I love the jailers in PG; they die with one satisfying backstab.
Favorite questmaster: I am still Agrippa’s love slave. Somebody save me!
Do the yells in Sigil annoy you?: Nope, they are entertaining at times.
Have you ever poked Zehn?: No, but I’ve “rooted” him.
Do you slip and fall on your arse often?: You would think I wouldn’t at my age, but yes, every day I butt surf.
What is/would be your favorite shift?: I really wish I could be a lost sheep in our clanhall. That would be fun!
What is your favorite mount in the game?: If I mounted something it would not be a horse!
Would you give money to a homeless man that you could tell was on coke, even if you knew that your money would go to aid his horrible addiction, continuing the never-ending cycle of pain and suffering and homeless men on coke and other horrendous illegal drugs in this terrible world? WOULD YOU?: Sure, why not? Life sucks and then you die.
What is your favorite thing about MM?: Seriously? Friends and clannies.
Least favorite thing?: hunters that are too hard for me to kill L
Who is your favorite Imm?: Deroiun and Satina and Phronesis are my favorites.
What is your best excuse for staying up late online instead of going to bed?: I can’t go to bed now, I am fighting a hunter! (said in a frantic voice)