Barbarian, Rogue, Wizard, Shaman

Name: Michael (I prefer Mike.)
Nickname: Road Rash (Because of my most recent motorcycle wreck.)
Age: Old as the hills. (42)
Favorite place to level: Any place I can.
Favorite Mobs to Kill: Vospire Castle Residents
Favorite Questmaster: Agrippa most of the time, but they all try to get me killed.
Do the yells in Sigil annoy you?: Never noticed them.
Have you ever poked Zehn?: Only if a quest told me to...then it was with a dagger.
Do you slip and fall on your arse often?: Not that I notice...probably no more than most.
If you had any kind of phobia, what would it be?: Losing my ability to work and provide for my family.
What is/would be your favorite shift?: Purple Worm (but I don't shift so...)
What is your favorite funny quote?: "There be whales here, Captain!" -- Star Trek: The Voyage Home (What did he expect, elephants?)
What is your favorite mount in the game?: I walk...too many fleas.
Would you give money to a homeless man that you could tell was on coke, even if you knew that your money would go to aid his horrible addiction, continuing the never-ending cycle of pain and suffering and homeless men on coke and other horrendous illegal drugs in this terrible world? WOULD YOU?: Not if I knew that is what they were using it for.
What is your favorite thing about MM?: My Clan and my clannies.
Least favorite thing?: Snare Traps
Who is your favorite Imm?: Syl-something; they helped me out when I was a first classer and something dumped like 60 bad spells on me. Other than that, I don't know anyone but Vassago, and I thank him for the game.
What is your best excuse for staying up late online instead of going to bed?: I cannot quit now, I am on a quest!