High Priestess
Ranger, Valkyrie, Bard, Priest

Name: Niky
Nickname: Niky
Age: Yes
Favorite place to level: Never leveled.
Favorite mob to kill: Hmmmm, hunters, though I'm not very good at it yet. :>
Favorite questmaster: Vashir
Do the yells in Sigil annoy you?: Yes
Have you ever poked Zehn?: Yes
Do you slip and fall on your arse often?: NO
What is/would be your favorite shift?: Random
What is your favorite mount in the game?: Silver Stallion
Would you give money to a homeless man that you could tell was on coke, even if you knew that your money would go to aid his horrible addiction, continuing the never-ending cycle of pain and suffering and homeless men on coke and other horrendous illegal drugs in this terrible world? WOULD YOU?: Yes
What is your favorite thing about MM?: The addictive quality.
Least favorite thing?: The addictive quality.
Who is your favorite Imm?: Celestia
What is your best excuse for staying up late online instead of going to bed?: I'll be there in 5 minutes! (Football minutes!)