Clan SpiritWalk Rules

1. We are a neutral clan. You may attack only if you have been attacked. If you or your opponent have left the area, then you are no longer allowed to attack. Attacking afterwards will be considered as grounds for public spanking or more drastic measures.

2. Do not act hostile, disrespectful or inconsiderate in any way toward the clans with whom we have a friendship pact. If you are attacked by a friendly clan member, try to get yourself to a safe room so that and inform a clan elder or leader so that it may be worked out. If you cannot get away safely and must kill the attacker, please inform a elder or leader immediately.

3. Try to help your fellow clannies as much as you can within reason. Clannies needing readily available equipment are to be given it free of charge; rare or expensive items are exempt and may be sold.

4. Clan Talk - Do not use bigoted, racist comments or swear excessively. You may use a channel tag only if it has a dash before and after your tag and is easy to distinguish who you are, especially when shifted.

5. To get promotioned you must be active, helpful, friendly and follow rules. Promotions are at the discretion of the Clan Leaders.

6. If you feel the need to PK use the arena for it, and remember to challenge the person you want to PK first.

7. If there is a reason why you can't be active, please have someone log it so you don't get accidentally removed.

8. Alternate characters are currently allowed in the clan, but they must meet the activity requirements. Clan leaders should be aware of your main characters. PKing of clannies with alternate characters is NOT ALLOWED!

9. Clan members are expected to guard the privacy and trust within the clan by never allowing any outside person to play their character.

10. When leaving, please always say goodbye to the remaining clannies.