The Birth of Spirit Walk | The Legend of Thorja | Thorja's Original Greeting

The story of SpiritWalk begins with Thorja, a noble minotaur who created the clan to protect her "children." Thorja is depicted as a giant, snow-white minotaur with ivory horns, draped in robes with arms raised to the sky. Crawling out from beneath her robe are several smaller characters, who represent the first children of SpiritWalk.
The Clan was the 13th to be created in Moongate. It was powerful and respected at first, as Thorja was a strong and beloved leader. But after a while Thorja's devotion waned, and the children of the Clan began to battle each other. For three years, the Clan struggled then began to wither. Some left in discouragement; those who remained were battle-scarred and weary.
The Clan was in its death throes when even more bad fortune struck. Thorja passed on, leaving the world of Alyria behind and the Clan of SpiritWalk leaderless.
That might have been the end of Clan 13 if it hadn't been for a spark of luck that erupted from the troubles of a different Clan.
Elsewhere in Alyria, a big battle was being fought within the clan of Tuath Fiana. The turmoil ended abruptly when Azurerain, another great minotaur, led half of the Clan members away from the strife and into the embracing arms of SpiritWalk.
The arrival of Azurerain and her group of noble warriors brought new life to SpiritWalk. The two groups united and forged a revitalized Clan that strengthened into the SpiritWalk that we know today, a place of optimism, merriment and loyal companionship.