The Birth of Spirit Walk | The Legend of Thorja | Thorja's Original Greeting

as written by Thorja in SpiritWalk's Book of Shadows:

I was not always in the form I now wear. Many years ago, I was a human shamaness. Yes, itís true. I lived in a small village north of Kolvir, hidden in a small secret valley in the mountains. As you know the mountains are a harsh place, filled with all manner of evil denizens. Our families were continuously terrorized by giants, harpies, wolves, and the dread phoenix' would come and feed off our crops and leave them in flames. As I grew in power and magic from fighting off these marauders, I came upon a decision to work a Mighty Magick.

On the eve of Samhain, when the veil 'tween this world and the Spirit world draws thin, I set out to the fields to a special area I had constructed. A triple-spiral, weaving in and amongst itself, would serve as my sacred space for the Rite. As the sky began to darken and fill with the first points of stars, I began my ritual. Calling forth the powers of the directions, and invoking the names of the mighty spirits of creation and gifting smoke of tobacco and incense. I felt the mighty vortex of energies swirling about me, and I knew my spell would work, great forces had arrived, and merely awaited my request. Raising high my rowan wand and mithril chalice, I shouted the sky, "I ask for the Strength and Might needed to protect my people from the evil that plagues us year after year. Grant me the power to drive it from our lands, so that the children will not have to know the pain of a young mothers death, or the bitter hunger from lost stores in winter! Aho!" From the other side of the Veil, two powerful spirits had indeed heard my call. Coyote smiled, and turned to his friend Raven.

"Brother, I think we should answer this ladies call!"
Raven cawed loudly in great mirth and agreed.
"I too see your thoughts Brother, Yes, we shall answer".

And with a mighty caw, Raven sent bolt of lightning soaring down from the clear starry heavens towards the earth below. For Raven has that medicine. Coyote grinned, and sprinkled strange herbs and spittle upon the bolt as it flew downwards. "Yes, we make you strong, little one......Big and Strong."

His howl echoed off the stars and moon, as his laughter filled the void. I awoke to a blazing sun beating down upon me. I felt sore all over, all I had remembered was a blinding flash striking me at the height of my ceremony. As I arose, I noticed to my shock, I had huge hands, covered in thick with hair! Shrieking with surprise, I dashed back to my home. For some reason the house looked like it had become smaller. I smashed my head on the door frame, and fell to the floor dazed from the protrusions on my head. I finally managed to get in front of my mirror. As I gazed at my new form, I felt a drop in the pit of my stomach. Looking back at me from the glass was a giant, snow white Minotaur. Complete with ivory horns, and a large bullish face. Indeed, I though to myself dryly, I had been answered in my calls.

And from far away, the distant sound of laughter danced upon the wind.