The Birth of Spirit Walk | The Legend of Thorja | Thorja's Original Greeting

You walk into the great hall that SpiritWalk calls home and look around you in awe. Ancient yet sturdy the hall is kept alight by magical globes floating near the ceiling. As you head for the opening at the other end of the corridor a stone tablet on the wall catches your eye. You bend over and begin to read the writing on it.

SpiritWalk Greeting, Written by Thorja

I am the founder of Clan SpiritWalk; a clan devoted to the sharing of ways and practices of all paths of light and wisdom. I spent several years (RL) as an apprentice to my mentor, Kodiak, as well as studied under several other shamanic practitioners in my area. From these friends and teachers I have learned much wisdom, and yet more questions then when I first set foot upon this path. It is in this Spirit of continued learning that Clan SpiritWalk is based and under which we travel together in the world of Moongate.

I like to think of this existence as a great wheel. We are born onto the outer edge of this wheel, and toil and work, and struggle to survive on this physical plane. Many people never seek to know what lies beyond the rim, those that do discover one or more ‘spokes’ or spiritual paths. There are a nearly infinite number of these ‘spokes’ that lead to the Truth that lies at the center of Creation, the Truth that is the Great Mystery.

Who among us can say which path is any more or less true than the other? Many twist and bend, yet all true paths of light lead to the same source, and have since the dawn of time. It is this commonality that underscores many of the Pagan and other nature based paths that are growing so strongly around the world. An openness to one anothers ways, and an acceptance that we are all working towards common goals, that allows such a diverse group of individuals to work together in harmony. Such openness has been missing from traditional religions for centuries. Once the ties between any soul and Creator have been taken over by an ordained elite, the soul suffers a depletion of spirit and fullness. I find it totally ridiculous that many mainstream faiths of today have only recently recognized the strength and power of prayer.

Prayer is pretty much what magick, Medicine, or miracle working is boiled down to a single word. Asking Spirit to work though us, and allowing it to do so, or listening when it tells us what needs to be done. Open ears, eyes, and hearts are the other necessities. The new growth in what many call ‘The Old Ways’ is strongly symbolic of a return to an intimate relationship with Creation and God. A chance to be reborn anew into this life, to see the magnificence contained in a single oak leaf, or the majesty of a spring rain in a blossoming meadow. Nature has always inspired the divine to stir in the souls of humanity, because when we are ‘out there’ and allow ourselves to reconnect with it on a primal level, we once again rejoin Creator without any of our cultural or social ‘masks’ in place.

Creation is the body/mind of the Creator. We are all part of this web of life. Each and every one of us carries a seed of the divine within us. Call it our souls, spirits, or psyches, they are all part of the sameenergies that set this whole glorious universe into motion in the beginning. Its very sad to watch my fellow human brethren war and kill amongst themselves over such trite ideological differences aswhich name Creator is to be called by, or the ways in which they pray. Worse yet is the way in whichwe rape and abuse our mother, the Earth, simply because we ‘Want’. This web of life is a delicately fragile thing, and its only now that science is turning on its corporate employers and warning that our Bio-Sphere probably cant take to much more abuse and neglect before it radically tries to repair itself.

Life will always persist, it is the strongest force in the universe, but that doesn’t mean Humans will. Hopefully the growing movements of awareness of our dependence on all our relations, plant, animal, and mineral will hold up a light for the rest of humanity to follow in these darkening times.

Safe Journeys, friend, Aho!